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Canine House of Style offers complete grooming services provided by highly skilled and experienced professionals. We work to match your companion's grooming style with his/her personality and lifestyle. A low stress, safe and sanitary environment is top priority and grooming products used are all natural.  We know that your companion is precious, so we provide a home-like, intimate environment.  We are experienced in all breeds and have the knowledge to exemplify your pet's best qualities. Whether you seek a simple and functional trim, or a highly technical hand scissored trim, we can accomodate you. We simply strive to present quality.

Grooming By Appointment Only

Molly the Bichon-Grooming Face of Dog

Special request for Barry: $50.00 additional charge ; no exceptions ; no discussion.

Because of the detailed work we do ( totally hand drying,and hand scissoring) we are seldom able to accept same day appointments for full grooms and large hairy baths. Please make your appointments as far in advance as possible.

All pets become boarders if not picked up by closing time at $100.00 per night.

Dante the Standard Poodle

All smaller dogs and scissored breeds are completely hand dried. Because of our great attention to detail; it is very important for our clients to be on time for their appointments. This ensures sufficient time to properly groom our guests with a gentle touch.

We work diligently to maintain a pest-free facility. Therefore, we request that all canine guests be treated with a quality flea and tick preventative prior to visiting our House. If we find such pests on any guest, we will immediately bathe or dip accordingly and there will be a mandatory extra charge for this treatment.

Also, dematting Standard Poodles is an extremely time and labor intensive project that we are unable to engage in. Matted Standard Poodles will be shaved down (at their normal groom price) . This includes Goldendoodles and other Standard Poodle mixes.

Kringle the Maltese Maizie the Shih Tzu Shih Tzu Groomer with Dog

No Heated Cage Dryers

Time Estimate of Services

Small Dog Grooming at least 4 Hours
Large Dog Grooming at least 5 Hours
Small and Large Baths at least 3 Hours
Hairy Giant breed baths at least 4 Hours
Standard Poodle Grooming at least 6 Hours
Standard Poodle Baths at least 4 Hours

All pets not picked up by 6:00 pm will become boarders.

We offer Only Premium services. There is no extra charge for conditioners, medicated or oatmeal shampoo.

Ear cleaning and ear hair removal
Nail cutting
Trimming and Styling

 ** Prices vary according to breed, size, hair texture, etc.

Ear cleaning and ear hair removal
Nail cutting 

** Prices vary according to breed, size, hair texture, etc.  

Nail filing for dogs under15 lbs:
$5.00, over 15 lbs $10.00
Flea and Tick Bath for small dogs:
$10.00 extra charge.
Flea and Tick Bath for large dogs: $15.00 extra charge.

Contact us today in Atlanta, Georgia, to have your pet enjoy grooming at our Canine House.