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Grooming Photo Gallery

Canine House Of Style's exceptional grooming includes : every breed from Airdale Terriers and Brussels Griffons,  to Soft Coated Wheatens and Yorkshire Terriers. Breed trims at Canine House Of Style look like show grooms,with less hair and maintainance.

            Daisy the Westie 

                                                  Slide Show

Cody the Soft Coated Wheaten

                                      Jagger the Cocker Spaniel

      Chevas the Bichon

                                  Bailey the Welsh Terrier

    Lexie the toy poodle

                      Chevas the Bichon and Gigi 

Barry and Justice the standard Schnauzer

                     Ciroc the Shih Tzu  

                    Vanilla the miniature poodle                                                                    Gypsy the Bichon

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